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If you feel your restaurant should be on this specific and prestigious list then send us an e-mail or write to us and we will send you a questionnaire and further details.

It is a simple process, and at a very good price. You only pay once per year, and you have five days after your restaurant information is put online to pay.

The trial price period has expired, but still the price per year is low at:
Ł24.99 per year

If your restaurant is of high quality in food, service and reasonably priced, then contact us for a questionnaire. Look at the information supplied by the other restaurants listed on this website, and you will see that any viewer gains a general idea about your restaurant, helping them decide where to eat.

Compare the cost of this service with other options (e.g. Yellow Pages). And compare:

  • The number of words you are allowed
  • The amount of people who browse the Internet
  • The information you can supply

People are using the Internet on a more daily basis (source adapted from: MMXI Europe).

These people are spending more time browsing the Internet. These people can also be your customers.

More people are now 'eating out' than ever before, and it probably has not escaped you that Bristol is quickly becoming the most lively and financially secure city in the Southwest.

It is now too competitive for a restaurant not to be involved in the Project

For the cost of our service, you open the doors of your restaurant to a virtual audience who are beginning to rely on the Internet to plan such activities as eating out.

We will provide a link to your website, or if you do not have website, you can use to represent your business. will be a compiled list of sites, which is more likely to be visited than your own website.

Recently Internet development has boomed! You simply need Internet recognition by a site other than your own in a fast paced business world.

We use a simple structure to the website, that does not require huge downloads and pointless gimmicks that mostly deter the average viewer. All efforts are used to make the site easy to access and read. is original and no other websites are dedicated purely to Bristol's finest restaurants and cafés. This will be the first, and last, place people will look on the Internet for planning a drink and meal in Bristol.

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